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Benedict Cumberbatch – the love of my life

Published May 18, 2012 by crazyinpink

I’m shocked it had taken me this long to dedicate a whole post to the wonder that is Benedict Cumberbatch.  My twitter is full of mentions of the Batch and a fair few of my followers are fellow Cumberbitches.

The obsession began with Amazing Grace, a film I first saw years ago and quite fancied the guy playing William Pitt.  Then I watched BBC’s Small Island and again was struck by this unconventional-looking actor who was so compelling that even though he was absent for most of the series was still my favourite part of the show.

It wasn’t until Sherlock that the obsession truly came to maturity. I was in love. Most people still didn’t know who he was but I had a crush on the man with the incredible cheekbones. Something about that striking silhouette with the collar turned up and the blue scarf, not to mention of course his fantastic suits (costume dept of Sherlock, I applaud you). By the time the second series aired, most people knew I had a thing for him and in the last few months it’s only gotten worse.

My phone and laptop wallpaper are images of the man himself. My ringtone is the Sherlock themetune. I can spend far too long online simply looking at pictures of him. I buy every paper or magazine that he appears in, usually only finding out about it because one of my loyal twitter followers informs me.  Once, I couldn’t get hold of a particular TV magazine he had been interviewed in and a very lovely girl in Manchester scanned hers and emailed me a copy.

I went to a table quiz on Wednesday night.  It was for leaders of Girls’ Brigade. In our team, I was the youngest and before it started we were discussing our ‘specialist subjects’, one girl said ’80s music’ another ‘soaps’. I said that I was good for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘the life and times of Benedict Cumberbatch’. They laughed at me for thinking it would appear.

Then, for the second picture round, who is number 15??

Yes, I squealed. Then I told the man collecting the answer sheets that number 15 was my future husband. Then I kept the sheets with his picture.


Its not an obsession, its a way of life.