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Get well cards, too much chocolate and male strippers

Published January 29, 2013 by crazyinpink

I’ve officially been recovering from my operation and resting. Unofficially, I’ve been watching a lot of Sex and the City and eating chocolate.

The first week I could barely do anything for myself. My mum, officially awesome, took some time off from work to help me out for the first few days then worked half days so she could be here in the afternoon.

She went back to work last week and I had to fend for myself. My meals were all pre-prepared (seriously, how awesome my mum is), I was now able to run a bath by myself and potter around the place.

Here are some things I have learned during my recovery:

1) Daytime tv is both awful and incredible. I became ridiculously addicted to a show about a priest who solves crime in 1940s England. It was so bad and cheesy, I absolutely loved it! I even tweeted about it one day and ended up having a weird conversation with one of the actors. Which I loved, obviously.

2) Get Well cards are so sweet. Especially when Best Friend, a boy and therefore genetically rubbish at card-giving, sends one in his atrocious handwriting having facebooked my brother to find out what my address is.

3) I have eaten more grapes during the past three weeks than all of 2012.

4) Trashy magazines are perfect reading for daily salt baths.

5) People who visit will bring you the weirdest assortment of gifts ever. In total I’ve received 5 bunches of grapes, 6 large bars of chocolate, a box of chocolates, magazines, a body polisher, a bunch of flowers, a decorative pillow, a two-handled mug, a bag of personalised coffee, a batch of homemade cookies, a Disney Princess egg and Stuart Little on dvd.

6) I love the people who visit. It’s been tricky since we had a bout of snow which screwed up traffic and particularly caused problems since I live at the top of a hill. But people from church have been very good coming to visit and some of my friends have popped over to see how I am. My Toyboy was nice enough to help me eat my chocolate while watching the show about the priest and looking up endometriosis on my new laptop. Two friends from uni, scuppered a week ago by the weather, finally made it up on Sunday and we ate a lot of cake and analysed the many philosophical themes in the movie Magic Mike.

7) I am in danger of getting far too involved in Sex and the City. I got the boxset for Christmas and, although I’ve seen them all before, I am now finding myself yelling at Carrie on a frequent basis.

8) A guy who started pursuing me before Christmas has dropped off the face of the earth. After bumping into him at graduation, he then started commenting on facebook and kept sending me messages until we swapped numbers. Then relentless texting followed. Then he asked me out for coffee. Three times he cancelled our plans at the last minute and the last time didn’t even bother to reschedule. He hasn’t been in touch since before I went into hospital. So not worth it.

9) A friend has really disappointed me…but that’s a whole other story for another time.

10) I’ve been busy tapping away at my keyboard lately, telling my endo story to others and hopefully appearing on other blogs. In my role as the face of chronic pain, I’ve also been asked to be interviewed for a broadcast series on chronic pain sufferers and their experiences! I don’t know many details at the mo, but it’s really quite exciting to be involved raising awareness!!


Published July 25, 2012 by crazyinpink

It isn’t often that I get completed obsessed with a particular tv show (unless, of course, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch) but I am ridiculously invested in the current ITV talent show ‘Superstar’.

In my defence, I have been pretty much confined to my bed or sofa for the last week recovering from my op and since it has been on every night, its been something to keep me occupied.  I generally loathe tv talent shows.  I freely give out death stares when people ask if I’m watching whatever Simon Cowell-concocted drivel is on the box.  Even more annoying is people telling me that I should audition for one of these shows after they’ve heard me sing.  I wasn’t always so cynical though.  I loved Popstars back in the day, although I was only 11 or so and Noel who ended up in the winning band Hear’Say (remember them?) was my first ever crush.  I recently got overly excited when I recogised him performing at the Olivier Awards. I also got really into the first Pop Idol, by then my love had grown for the ever-mocked Darius.  He was my fave but my appreciation for his good looks was nothing compared to my best friend’s stalkerish obsession with Gareth Gates.  There were pictures of him in frames everywhere in her house and even a weird collage/shrine in her closet. We were both v upset when Will Young, who neither of us fancied, ended up winning.

Then the X Factor came along and I gave it a chance.  The only good thing about it was the group that came second in the first series – G4.  To this day I still love listening to their 3 albums and wear my tour t-shirt proudly as a nightie. Theirs was the first concert I ever went to.  I’m so hardcore.  (The second was Nickelback…)  After they were robbed of first place (does anyone even know what happened to Steve Brookstein?) I turned my back on the genre.

My love for musical theatre compelled me to take an interest in the BBC shows that then sprung up casting Maria, Nancy, Joseph and Dorothy.  Back in the day, I wanted to be in musical theatre.  I blame this entirely on the fact that in P7 I played the Narrator in Joseph and won an award.  Despite giving in to the more sensible and realistic ambition when I was about fifteen of wanting to be an English teacher, I still harboured a secret love for musicals.  Even after a real charming singing teacher told me, at age thirteen, that my boobs were too big for it and I ‘didn’t have the face for musical theatre’. She left soon after that to take a job on a cruise ship, never to be seen again. *maniacal laugh*  In my first year at uni I joined the music society and quickly got involved in musical theatre, singing my favourite songs and getting to be Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. When I got ill in second year, I just about managed a show as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray and a brief appearance as Elpheba in Wicked before bidding adieu to my musical dreams.

This past week, I have become a little too obsessed with Superstar.  I’m not even a big fan of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, even though it is an Andrew Lloyd Webber work and there is no one better. My tendency to root for the underdog has meant that my favourite, Tim, was kicked ot early on.  My allegiance then shifted to Niall, who had a great Irish accent and looks exactly like a younger version of my dissertation supervisor.  After he left I supported Jeff from my home town who apparently went to my school and would have been in the choir at the same time yet I hav no memory of him at all.  When Jeff got the boot, I went for David who made it to the semi-finals.  Now, with only a few hours to go until the final, I have run out of people I like.  My mum is a big fan of Roger for reasons I suspect have nothing to do with his singing.  Rory is a great rock singer and has the exact same eyes as Andrew Scott who plays Moriarty in Sherlock (brilliantly too, I might add). The only one I don’t like is Ben, I just don’t get what the big deal is.  But, given my record, that probably means he’ll win the thing.