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The Crush

Published June 11, 2012 by crazyinpink

So, it may have escaped your notice but I have a massive crush on a guy I know, Jam.

Today is his birthday. I left a ‘Happy Birthday!’ comment on his facebook before coming into work. Now, Jam and I have slowly cultivated our friendship during end-of-the-day conversations as we leave the office. The last few weeks we haven’t had very many due to different circumstances cropping up.  Today, I have a hospital appointment so I’m leaving work early. I was marginally disappointed about this as today would have been the perfect opportunity for a really good convo.


This morning as I signed in (beside his desk, where I sign out and he normally turns around for our chat) he turned round and went to say something. Then didn’t a woman from another department come over to talk to me about something. When I escaped the conversation, he was sitting waiting to talk to me. We had a really good chat for about 10 minutes, talking about our weekends and me wishing him happy birthday of course. I asked if he was doing anything fun and he said, not really, he never does. 😦

Near the end of our convo I said he really should do something for it and he said that he thinks he might go to crazy golf. To my knowledge there only is one decent crazy golf place in the greater Belfast area so I asked if it was there he was going.  He said yes but he’d only decided this morning so he didn’t know how many people would turn up. I said, well you’ll have fun anyway, I love that place and went to leave. He stopped me and invited me to come if I was free tonight! He told me the time but said it might be a bit random because he wasn’t very organised. I said I’d see what was happening later and I might facebook him about it.


After texting my Fairy Godmother and being informed that I’m pretty much home alone again tonight, I’ve decided that I’m going to go. I think…

I’m worried that it might be a bit random if I turn up, though I know that a guy from the office he went to school with is going so I’ll know someone else. And maybe he was just being polite inviting me but not expecting me to come.

On the other hand, its a great opportunity to hang out with him outside work and meet his friends. Maybe it could lead to a better friendship. I’m so confused!

I’m about 80% sure I’m going…

…to be continued.