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Pretty in pink

Published March 12, 2012 by crazyinpink

I firmly believe that it is virtually impossible to feel down while wearing happy colours. It is for this reason that I wear pink almost exclusively.  Of course, there are those who mock my pink-ness, my dedication to finding the most glaringly bright shades of the colourknown to mankind.  These are usually boring people who wear grey.  Wearing pink makes me happy.


Happiness is often hard to come by so why not grasp it with both hands when you find it?

Here I am, a girl wearing pink, ready to tell the true stories of my life.  Firstly, I shall share some quick-fire facts about myself, to ease you into the crazy workings of my mind.


1) No matter how old I get, I will always love classic Disney movies.

2) I could not survive without caffeine.

3) One day I’d like to own a yellow VW Beetle. And name him Jeremy.

4) I have a strange fascination with having my picture taken with a chocolate digestive biscuit.

5) I am the unhealthiest person I know.

6) I once had a total epiphany from cutting an apple in half.

7) People say I own too many shoes. I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘too many’.

8) I am the most awful cook and a liability in the kitchen.

9) It is my dearest ambition to become a respected religious historian.  This can also be read as ‘I am a massive dork.’

10) I believe in God and would not be the person I am today without my faith in Him.