Why I should never be allowed to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in public

Published May 28, 2013 by crazyinpink

For those of you who live in a cave, Robinson Crusoe style, perhaps you haven’t noticed that a little movie called Star Trek Into Darkness came out recently.  Or, y’know, maybe you’re just normal and actually have a life. Unlike me.

I actually had the date of it’s release in my diary.


I went to see it on that date. Obviously.  Since then I’ve seen it again and I’m working on finding a buddy for my third venture into deep space.

Although I’ve never been a true trekkie, I am aware of Star Trek tradition and the week before the movie came out, I watched the first reboot movie which was released in 2009.  I was quite shocked to find that I actually enjoyed it. My taste in movies has always been eclectic.  My Disney collection rests among rom-coms of the late 90s/early 00s, murder mysteries, gross-out Judd Apatow-esque selections, musicals and superhero epics. I wasn’t really expecting to like Star Trek as much as I did, never really been very into sci-fi as a genre. But an excellent moment came when Spock quoted a line from Sherlock Holmes “Whenever you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

But the new movie: Star Trek Into Darkness would be even better…because it featured this.


So evil. So sexy..

The first moment his voice filled the cinema, I let out what my friends described as “an inappropriate moaning noise”.  Then his gorgeous chiselled face filled the screen and I thought I would die. Excepting the National Theatre Frankenstein I saw last year broadcast into a small independent cinema at uni, I’d never seen him on a big screen. It was heavenly.

The movie itself was pretty awesome but the Batch stole the show. Aside from my inappropriate moaning, I also let out a loud “awwww” when his character cried.  According to one of my friends, who was really only there ’cause we dragged her along, I shouldn’t have been sympathising with him since he was the villain. And a sexy, badass villain at that.  I know that logically I should be rooting for Kirk and Spock and all the rest of the good guys but I just couldn’t help siding with him and his gorgeous bass English accent.  I am such a sucker for an English accent these days.

I’d like to say I behaved more appropriately the second time round but that would be a lie. Even though I knew what was coming, I still couldn’t contain my excitement. I gasped and made involuntary squeaking noises the whole way through.  And, if I find someone willing to go see it with me again, I will no doubt do the same thing.

I can’t help it, he’s so beautiful.

6 comments on “Why I should never be allowed to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in public

  • Now, THIS is an excellent post. There really is so much here I sympathize with–liking the first Star Trek movie (actually, the 11th, but I believe you know what I mean); that part with the Sherlock Holmes quote, which made me smirk the entire three times I watched it; grinning like a crazed maniac when Benedict’s voice filled the theater (“…Your daughter. I can save her.”) and said grin broadening even further when his face filled the enormous screen and in frigging 3D. Oh, and that part in which Khan cried…damn, that was absolutely brilliant, and I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to “Awwww” all three times I saw it, but I was fortunately too busy keeping my jaw from dropping. About sympathizing with Khan–I honestly can’t blame you, partially because I was precisely the same. He’s one of those villains you just can’t hate, and his character was built wonderfully. J.J.Abrams actually said once that if they did their job right, we would find ourselves sympathizing with Khan–at least a little bit.
    I also completely agree that Benedict stole the show. That movie’s crew really is brilliant, but Mr Cumberbatch absolutely shines.
    Well….I can only say I’m sorry for the length of this. In short (uh…), a very well-written post!

  • Haha! Thanks, we clearly have a lot in common. Since writing this I was able to actually talk people into seeing it over Gatsby which was the original plan. I had to contain all those moments of immense excitement/awe because there were fewer people in the cinema on that occasion but as soon as I can watch it in the comfort of my own home…man alive will I be voicing my approval!! 🙂

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