The Crush – Part Two

Published June 12, 2012 by crazyinpink

Last night was great. I went to the birthday crazy golfing and got to hang out with Jam and meet his friends.

I only knew Jam and a guy from work (nicknamed Butter, my workmate and I have little else to do at times) so with every person that arrived Jam introduced me. His introductions were like Bridget Jones’s putting in wee things about me and how we knew each other. Everyone was really nice. There were too many of us to place together so we split into two teams. Even though I wasn’t in Jam’s team, he kept hanging back every now and then to check on me and make sure I felt included. Butter was in my team so I knew someone anyway. We were actually quite competitive and had a good laugh around the course. Butter asked if I was coming for food with them and when we had all finished Jam invited me to come with them.
We ended up in a Chinese restaurant at a long table. The girl sitting opposite me hadn’t been in my team but soon got chatting and asking me all sorts of questions. Jam had obviously told her about me as she knew I was going to do a PhD. Jam was beside her and I often found her sitting looking at me when I was sitting look at Jam. She told him off for saying something he ‘shouldn’t say around girls he likes’ at which he blushed and changed the subject. We talked about Toy Story and I had got him a dopey Toy Story birthday card which at this point was still in my bag.
He got me to tell his friends how he was in work and asked if he was different outside of work. He was, but not that much. He was obviously more relaxed with his friends, quipping and telling stories, showing a lot more of his sense of humour that I see glimpses of in the office. He made it clear in my various introductions that we don’t directly work together, more we just see each other in the office. He told his friends about our little chats when I arrive and leave each day and I chipped in by saying that most of the day I’m in an office with people I don’t really care to talk to so I look forward to chatting with Jam.

I had a lot of fun and got on so well with his friends. They were all really nice and welcoming, it must have seemed a bit random that I just turned up when I clearly wasn’t really part of the group. But Jam did make an effort to make sure I felt like I was all night. I gave him his card as we left and he said he really appreciated it.
Even if this doesn’t grow into a relationship (although that’s what I’m hoping will eventually happen) I feel like I’ve made a really good friend.


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