The great flirting distraction

Published April 24, 2012 by crazyinpink

So, life is pretty serious at the minute. I have a lot of things to think about…

Firstly, I didn’t get funding to do my PhD. Sad times. I am on the reserve list and if money becomes available before September, there’s still a chance I can do it. But I have been offered the chance to do a different PhD on a set topic. I asked my supervisor (and kind of mentor) about it. He said I should apply and keep my options open until September, if by then I haven’t got the money to do my own, I can still get paid to do the other one. I’m still a bit conflicted about this. Its a big decision. Your PhD topic pretty much lays the foundation of your academic career. I wonder if I could do it on something that isn’t really my area of research. But I do need the money. I still don’t know.


Secondly, I was a member of a choir until January when I decided to take the term off because of my health and uni etc. Now I need to decide whether or not I want to return. My feelings for the choir are decidedly mixed…but that’s a whole other story.


Thirdly, Best Friend is still acting inexplicably oddly. I saw him a few days ago for a quick chat. He did a lot of odd stretches and things, practically shoving his crotch into the air every few minutes. Has he always done things like this and I just never noticed before? Or is this a new thing he does? And why on earth does he keep acting so weirdly?


Anyway, in order to keep my mind off these issues I’ve recently engaged in a mild flirtationship with a guy at work. For ages, my work friend and self-appointed Fairy Godmother has had a crush on a guy in a different dept, which she visits at every available opportunity. He resembles the guy from the recent adverts for a certain large Swedish furniture company, so we nicknamed him Ikea.

Fairy Godmother decided I too needed an office crush to keep me amused and mentally paired me off with a lovely Christian guy who, for some unknown reason, we call Jam. Things were going well with Jam, over the last month or so we went from polite greetings to twitter banter to long talks after the end of the working day. I began to realise how funny he was and how much we had in common. Then didn’t he go to Australia for a month?


Last week I was drafted to cover in another dept and had to work with a new guy, who Fairy Godmother and I nicknamed Face due to his resemblance to the gorgeous Bradley Cooper in A Team.

Face and I have also exchanged some twitter banter, mostly history-related but after spending the day with him the flirting has gone into overdrive! Everyday there’s a flirty comment. On passing his desk coming back from lunch yesterday, I noticed he was on the phone so stuck my tongue out at him. He winked. He visited my office today with some work and sat chatting for far too long.

So…up until a few days ago I had a pretty big crush on Jam. But now, with this thing with Face… Who knows?

All I know is, I appreciate the distraction. Especially one in such a pretty package. 🙂


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